Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 Dead Birds in My Yard

I found 2 dead birds in my yard today when I took the dogs out. I am working on recovering from being a bit sick, so I didn't go out there yesterday, but I know for sure neither dead bird was there this weekend.

The dead birds were about 1.5 feet apart. I am pretty sure both were Starlings. Two dead so close together is strange. I hope this is not an indicator that West Nile is making a resurgence in Chicago.

One of them looked like some of it had been eaten by one of the dogs. My vet says that dogs can carry West Nile Virus, but are rarely made ill by it.

Time to break out the mosquito spray!!


Anonymous said...

Many people had West Nile disease but the symptoms were so mild they thought it was a cold or allergy, etc. In which case they can't get it again ( I think ).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, dead birds. Did your dogs kill them? Your house looks nice. Don't over do it. You can burn out on these kinds of projects.

Andy said...

Hi there...saw your blog on Houseblogs (through the Favorites part...thanks for bookmarking me!), and will bookmark your site too. I live up on the North Side now, but grew up only a couple miles from the neighborhood you guys are it's good to see some South Siders fixing up nice homes down there and blogging about it...keep it up, and good luck!