Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Bathroom is 90% Done!

Installed the marble and Kohler Shower set.  Things are coming along slowly.  A couple of weekends of illness and a couple more of being out-of-town has our projects lagging behind.  But, in this market I guess we aren't going anywhere so what is the rush!

Went with a brushed nickel Quoizel vanity light bar for the bathroom since we liked the Quoizel lighting in the staircase and dining room. 
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quoizel Lighting is In

We have been remise about posting for a long time.  Work, illness, and life in general has been keeping us busy.

We did get the first two pieces of lighting installed.  We have fallen inlove with a colletion made by Quoizel.


We are looking to get a few more pieces in the next year.  A pendent for the entry way and some more sconces.  

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stopping the leaks

We are going top join the people at Tiny Old House to stop the leaks.

I know this will mean a lot of work for us. We are missing many storm windows, and the ones we do have are in sad shape. Many of our windows are drafty, and you can feel wind coming under the doors.

I bought a programmable thermostat to save energy. Right now we are keeping the house at 65 deg F when we are awake and home, and 62 deg F when at work or sleeping. I figure the dogs and cats have fur, so can handle 62 just fine. This won;t be worth much, though, if we don't get the leaks sealed!

So thanks to Tiny Old House for helping us get the jump on this.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

From Step Repair to Step Rebuild

I took advantage of one of the last warm weekends in Chicago for the year and repaired the front step.  However, as I brushed away the lose debris, more and more of the steps came loose. 

Started with this
Then so much loose debris came out that I broke through to under the front porch.  Now under that porch is our root cellar but that only accounted for about half of the space.  Until now we had no idea what the walled off area contained.  
Here is a picture of the cavern below the porch

So, this little project turned into a rebuild of the bottom two steps.  However, it was neat to see what was under there. 
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

No, Carlos Does Not Live Here...

CPD's Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.Image via Wikipedia Warning to new homeowners:
If you happen to receive mail addressed to the former tenent, and the letters are from lawyers and probation officers, be concerned. 

Now I admit Nicole was correct when she though that we ought to let people know that Carlos does not live here. Nicole envisioned the police busting in, shooting our dogs, and saying "oops, wrong house". 

I did not anticipate that the Chicago Police would be knocking on our door for him.  I mean that is the sort of thing that happens to small town mayors...not us  That was until tonight; luckily the Chicago Police only rang the door bell, but they did warn that others are looking for Mr. Carlos Curtis, and that we might get future visitors.

The fun never ends here at the Freedman House!

Unrelated Note About the Rain: found a leak in the roof but otherwise we lucked out.  Hope the fellow Chicagoland housebloggers fared as well or better.  

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lead Paint Abatement Begins

We have finally settled on the licenced lead abatement contractor for our job.  He was nice enough to have some of the work started before our next hearing with the city on September 9th.

We were pleasantly suprised to find out that the wood underneath is actually in really good shape.  Here are two pictures of our front porch windows from yesterday.  Once they get sanded they will look even better.  Now we have to think about either staining them and keeping the wood look outside or painting the windows back to white.  Thoughts? Opinions?


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Monday, September 1, 2008

Great Deal on Antique Bookcases

Our latest great find on Ebay has been these two antique bookcases.  True to the period our house was built, these are from Circa 1910.  Got the two of them for $65.00.  

In particular, I like the mini-rail along the top shelves of these.