Wednesday, June 25, 2008

City Troubles

As I discussed in previous posts, we had intended to rehab our windows. We planned to do a lot of it ourselves, and move along a bit slowly.

Well, this Saturday, we got in the mail a summons to go to a hearing. Apparently the Chicago Department of Public Health cited our property as having lead paint violations on every window and all soffits. The property was cited on June 21st, 2007, and re-inspected in September of 2007. We bought it in February of 2008.

No disclosures were made regarding the lead paint by the seller, our inspector didn't find it, our appraiser didn't mention it, and the title search did not come up with the citation.

Now we have to go to a hearing on July 8th (so we only got 2 weeks notice essentially, since it arrived on a Saturday) to answer why the violations were not fixed according to a Mitigation Plan that we did not know existed!!!

Worse, the violations are subject to a $500 per day, per violation fine!!

We contacted the attorney who helped us with the closing, and will be working on this.
We will keep you posted.


Andy said...

That's pretty ridiculous. I love the city. Let's hope the judge has brains.

C&C said...

That is terrible! Best of luck to you, hope the judge is a good one.