Sunday, May 4, 2008

Continuing the kitchen

Thursday my dad and I worked on wiring the cooktop, oven and dishwasher in the kitchen.
This was quite a project. It was fun though.
We called the city to see what we could do ourselves, and what we needed an electrician for, and decided that we were okay doing this by ourselves.

My dad and Rob ran the greenfield through the cabinet (we paid all this money for these beautiful cabinets and then cut HOLES in them), through the floor, and into the electrical box. My dad and I ran the wires through the greenfield. My dad ran a "pull wire" through, then we soldered the actual wires to the pull wire, and wrapped the joined end in electrical tape., then he went downstairs, and called me on his cell phone, and we both put our phones on speaker to keep in contact while threading our wires through. This worked out very well. My dad did all of the actuall connecting.

We also ran gas to the cooktop. My poor dad toured 5 hardware stores looking for a 3/8" black pipe union, and could not find one, so we had to go with 1/2" and use a reducing nipple. It worked out well. The cooktop works, and looks very nice so far. Although it is just resting ion the cabinet since we do not have a countertop yet. I am hoping the countertop will come in next week.

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