Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lead Paint Woes Continue

If you recall a while back we posted about our City troubles. Well, the City of Chicago in all its infinite wisdom and benevolence did not take pity on us poor unknowing new homeowners. Rather, the City attorneys said that we bought the problem when we bought the house and that we had 60 days to comply with the lead paint mitigation plan. Oh, and if we want any of the documents that were sent to the origional owners when this whole mess started, we would have to file a FOIA. It is little wonder why these older homes are left to rot and contribute to decaying neighborhoods. Who wants to deal with all this?

So, we are now collecting job quotes and passing them on to the original owner (who failed to disclose any of this to us at the time of sale) through the attorney we used at the closing. The first quote we received is from DPB Abatement Services for about $7,500 to abate the paint from exterior windows, soffits, and the walls of our full bath. Don from DPB has been very helpful in understanding the city and how this process works. Thus far his quote is the lowest.

Today, Colfax Corporation came by and did a survey and will send us a quote soon after they get in touch with our court appointed inspector Pamela Kimble. Every contractor has been astonished at the level of action being requiered by the city in this case, especially given that there are no children at risk.

If anyone has used either of these companies, let us know what you thought. Our next hearing is set for September 9th so stay tuned for the next segment in our continuing saga.

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Jennifer said...

What a mess. I hope they take some responsibility!

Freedman said...

I hope so too. Unfortunately, it looks as if this might have to go to the lawyers. I hate litigation but I hate being lied too more.