Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Stained Glass Window

We didn't know the house had a stained glass window until we were at the closing. The seller had boarded it from the outside, and had put up black plastic covering it on the inside.

When we removed the boards, we were quite impressed. It was a 2' x 3' window. That is pretty nice for a house our size. It was broken in several spots and had a few panes missing. We thought it was one of the nicest things about the home though, so we made it a priority to fix it.

We had Richard Diens from Goodwood Studios fix the window. We are delighted with the result. We discussed preserving as much of the original glass as possible, even if it meant filling a crack or 2 with silicone and leaving it there. What had to be replaced, he replaced with the most exact matches he could, and we love the result.

I wish we had remembered to take a "before" picture, because the transformation is pretty striking.

Richard explained to us that our window is in the Art Noveau style, and a bit of the history of the MacIntosh Roses in the corners. He is fairly sure this window is original, which is exciting.


Jenni said...

Pretty Window.

Freedman said...


Green Fairy said...

Wow--that's an amazing window.

We have four stained glass windows on our house that could use some TLC, and a fifth we found in the basement (not sure where it was originally). I'll have to follow the link to that studio in Palatine to get them fixed.

Freedman said...

Richard did a terrific job and was very reasonably priced. We called four other places before we picked him and we are very glad we did. Richard has a lot of experience with old glass.

Andy said...

That's a beautiful window, indeed...ours was bricked in, but I found the actual window down in the basement utility room. I'll probably find a way to incorporate it in my family room remodeling, somehow. :)