Monday, April 28, 2008

Kitchen from H*ll

Our kitchen was a nightmare when we bought this house.

The pictures do not even begin to relate all of the nastiness.
The countertops, shelves and all of the cabinet surfaces were sticky with some unknown substance.
The walls were covered in this awful panelling that was little more than cardboard, and hideous. There were grease stains seeped into the walls, and the plaster behind the panelling was just dust. We gutted the kitchen down to the lath. We wanted to plaster to keep the original character of the house, but plastering seems to be a dying art. Plastering all 4 walls and ceiling was almost $12,000!!! Drywalling was less than 1/10th that amount. So we had to bite the bullet and drywall.

We chose a light yellow color for the walls.We bought new cabinets in knotty alder, to keep a bit of the rustic feel of the house. We got white appliances second-hand. We thought stainless steel would be too modern, but we can't afford to go with period appliances, and our we couldn't survive without a dishwasher.
We are in the process of hanging the cabinets, and will keep you posted.


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Maybe this is a stupid question, but is there any real advantage to staying with plaster on lathe? For small bits, of course I'd repair with plaster and I understand the importance of keeping with the same materials as were used originally in the house. Does plaster hold up better than drywall or somehow look different?

nkjvcjs said...

It definitely has a different look and feel than drywall. Not 11 grand worth of better look and feel though!!
I don't know if it holds up better. That's a good question.