Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stopping the leaks

We are going top join the people at Tiny Old House to stop the leaks.

I know this will mean a lot of work for us. We are missing many storm windows, and the ones we do have are in sad shape. Many of our windows are drafty, and you can feel wind coming under the doors.

I bought a programmable thermostat to save energy. Right now we are keeping the house at 65 deg F when we are awake and home, and 62 deg F when at work or sleeping. I figure the dogs and cats have fur, so can handle 62 just fine. This won;t be worth much, though, if we don't get the leaks sealed!

So thanks to Tiny Old House for helping us get the jump on this.


Anonymous said...

You haven't posted about your new roof and gutters, I would say that is stopping some leaks.

Freedman said...

The new roof is indeed stopping leaks, both heat and water. Been busy with school and teaching. We have a few posts to put up about new lighting and a massive bathroom remodel. Stay tuned.