Sunday, September 14, 2008

No, Carlos Does Not Live Here...

CPD's Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.Image via Wikipedia Warning to new homeowners:
If you happen to receive mail addressed to the former tenent, and the letters are from lawyers and probation officers, be concerned. 

Now I admit Nicole was correct when she though that we ought to let people know that Carlos does not live here. Nicole envisioned the police busting in, shooting our dogs, and saying "oops, wrong house". 

I did not anticipate that the Chicago Police would be knocking on our door for him.  I mean that is the sort of thing that happens to small town mayors...not us  That was until tonight; luckily the Chicago Police only rang the door bell, but they did warn that others are looking for Mr. Carlos Curtis, and that we might get future visitors.

The fun never ends here at the Freedman House!

Unrelated Note About the Rain: found a leak in the roof but otherwise we lucked out.  Hope the fellow Chicagoland housebloggers fared as well or better.  

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Anonymous said...

Buy a bullet proof door with a peep hole. That is my advice.

Anonymous said...

Where will you find a bullet proof door? Then will you have to stay in the house for the rest of your life after you find one? Would this be for all doors? What about the windows...oh my this is getting out of hand. I'd advise that you not post all your business on the internet for strangers to read.

Hugs Mom

Chalicechick said...

Doesn't sound like the strangers are the ones you have to worry about.